About Us

What is NATASHA House?

NATASHA House is a safe place for women and children that allows them to rebuild productive, thriving lives as they transition to permanent housing.

Additionally, residents receive case management that teaches them how to live financially independent and how to maintain self-sufficient, stable households.

The letters in “NATASHA” stand for:
“New Alternative Toward A Secure Home Atmosphere”

History of The NATASHA House Vision

Over 20 years ago, Pastor Delores Borum had a vision. She saw the need for a house that would take in women with children who need a second start in life. A place where they could be nurtured and trained in budgeting, finances, academics, and life skills as needed. Where they could be provided with individualized programs and counseling to promote healthy families. NATASHA House is that vision.

The goal of NATASHA House is to impact all the families we can with a powerful, positive push forward to stabilization. As those who share the vision to strengthen our communities, work cooperatively, by strengthening its people, we will improve the quality of life one family at a time.

Our Vision:

Inspire women to become self-sufficient, family oriented career women who are maintainers of permanent housing through our supportive services called “The HomeMakers Program“. Learn More.

Our Mission:

To empower and equip homeless women to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

Eligibility FAQs:
Who is eligible to reside at NATASHA House?

Women with children:
– sleeping in places not meant for habitation;
– living in emergency housing for homeless persons;
– evicted with no residence and lacking resources to obtain a home;
– destitute due to major medical conditions.

Who is ineligible to reside at NATASHA House?

– with felony convictions; with child related restrictions;
– with active domestic violence cases;
– actively using alcohol or illegal drugs;
– with history of violent, explosive or destructive behavior.