Program Overview

HomeMakers Women’s Program is designed to inspire both resident and outreach clients to become self sufficient family oriented home owners. One of the primary goals of NATHASHA HOUSE is training to prepare mothers to take on the responsibility of being a home owner and taking care of their families. This is done with community support, collaboration and resources, intensive case management and individualized lifework plans. Mothers will gain skill in goal development, turning steps into action, become financially literate, begin applying money to savings and receive home ownership preparation.

HomeMakers case management includes an intensive and comprehensive assessment, mental health counseling and assistance in developing a HomeMakers Empowerment Life Plan or HELP Plan. Mandatory individual and family counseling is conducted by qualified/certified therapeutic family counselors. Mothers are assigned a Life Coach and children receive a Big Brother or Big Sister/mentor.

The Financial Education piece includes financial counseling to increase literacy, repair credit and debt management, and coaching in financial planning and budget development with incentives such as Virginia’s VIDA Savings Program (Fed/State 2:1 savings match)and acquiring a down payment for home ownership and/or a business venture.

In addition, clients receive educational counseling, mentoring, and skill training from partners and supporting educational institutions. Skill training is offered in everything from parenting, household management, nutrition, decision making, teambuilding, community service, homeownership as well as fun tips on decorating to make a house your home.

The successful program includes follow-up aftercare services called Followcare which conducts a 3, 6, 9, and 12 month follow-up after residents transition into permanent housing. Our transition process includes an exit interview and surveys, an offer to enroll in the Followcare Program as an Outreach Client, telephone interview, home visits, support consultation, and each client is encouraged to continue their volunteer service with the NATASHA House.