A Typical Homeless Family Is Not What You Might Expect

Families with children are one of the fastest-growing segments of the homeless population today and 84% of families experiencing homelessness are female-headed.* The children in these situations tend to suffer most.

Homeless children are twice as likely as other children to:
  •     - repeat a grade in school
  •     - to be expelled or suspended
  •     - to drop out of high school
  •     - to have learning disabilities

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NATASHA House provides both residential and outreach program services that minister to a mother and her children's:




    NATASHA House meets the most basic Physical need of mothers and children by providing shelter. Beyond a roof over their heads, and a safe place to sleep, NATASHA House provides a place of belonging. Mothers and their children now have a place of their own, to call home.




    We provide unconditional love and support while nurturing the emotional needs of mothers and children with counseling, mentoring and group interaction. Healing is enhanced through multiple programs available in the resident and outreach programs.




    NATASHA House offers a variety of educational opportunities for both mothers and children. Using both in-house and outside resources, mothers and children immediately begin their path to wholeness through programs such as HomeMakers and CHAMPS.




    NATASHA House is a place of healing. Although the Bridge to Wholeness is a metaphor for the journey mothers and children take to independence, this wholeness model recognizes that psychological growth and healing are pivotal to successful independence.

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