NATASHA House TestimonialsWhat NATASHA House means to the women who have been impacted

NATASHA House Mothers - Past and Present

  • I give thanks to God and Natasha House, they made me see that I might have been down but never out ...

    Thanks to everyone who gives to the Natasha House, you also made my dream possible.

    Kalailah, Former Resident

  • The Natasha House might be a pale yellow, unobtrusive place that goes unnoticed by many, but for me that yellow shines brighter than a lighthouse in a terrible storm. We do not live in Natasha House but it is our "home!"... a place where I found hope, help, and an arm put around my shoulder when I arrived in a State I had never been in before.

    Laura, Former Outreach Participant

  • My experiences at NH made me a better person & mother, taught me to budget & separate wants from needs ...

    Now after 2 years in my own place, I qualified to purchase my very OWN home!

    Alecia, Former Resident

  • The Natasha House is the answer I’ve been waiting for

    Brandelyn, Former Resident

  • Natasha House isn’t about supporting you because you are not capable; it is about giving you the tools to become capable. Through love, structure, and guidance you will learn all you need to succeed in life and even more about yourself and the strength you possess. I can’t wait to see what I can do!

    Ashley, Former Resident

  • Natasha House is a place to start anew and head towards your future.

    Laurie, Former Resident

  • Natasha House is a place where I’ve been enlightened and I grown both as a woman and a mother. It is of GREAT benefit if you follow their guidelines & requirements and just stick with the program until you finish!

    Reina, Outreach Participant

  • I would like to thank NH. It is a very clean & safe environment. Staying there made me look back in retrospect as well as plan ahead for me and my children. They welcomed us with open arms... Working on becoming whole- spiritually whole, financially whole, intellectually whole, and maintaining a solid foundation for my children.

    Noel, Former Resident and Outreach Particpant


On behalf of all of us at NATASHA House, we say: Thank you! Without all of your prayers, help, and generous support none of what we do would be possible.